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Yahoo! is the most popular consumer portal on the Internet. Yahoo! started off as an online Web directory, but has grown to offer many other services and features including, email, personalized Web pages from "My Yahoo!", shopping, yellow page listings, job classifieds and more. Yahoo! also offers portals in a variety of languages.

The Yahoo! search returns a mixture of listings from its directory and from Google and paid sponsorships from Overture. In early 2003, Yahoo bought Inktomi and is in the process of purchasing Overture, which itself recently purchased AltaVista and AllTheWeb. Yahoo! is currently testing Inktomi for some searches on its site in Australia, Brazil and the United States. Yahoo! has plans for implementing Inktomi technology across its global network, although an exact date of a switchover from Google is not publicly available. Yahoo! has also not stated any plans for AltaVista or AllTheWeb, other than that they will examine the technology and see how it compares with and complements Inktomi's technology.

Yahoo! was started by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang

Recommendation - Purchase Yahoo! Express Web Directory Listing

We recommend purchasing a Web directory listing for your law firm from Yahoo! This will greatly increse your liklihood of being indexed by the major search engines, as well as, increase your Web popularity and Google PageRank ratings. Yahoo! offers Yahoo! Express, with a 7-Day review guarantee for a $299.00 non-refundable, recurring annual fee.

Yahoo! does have a free URL submission service for non-commercial sites that have strong content. If you have content on your Web site that is particularly strong, it would be worth submitting the content site to Yahoo! with the free service.

If you can afford just one listing, make the Yahoo! Express listing the first on your list of places to advertise your law firm.

Paid Submission
Yahoo! Business Express Page

Free Submission
Yahoo! information on submitting your Web site for both free and pay submissions http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest/

Yahoo! allows descriptions of 150 characters. Your description should include your practice areas and location, e.g.,:

Title: Johnson and Smith [Law Firm Name]
URL: http://johnson-smith-family-lawyers.com [Your Home page URL]
Description - Ann Arbor, Michigan [City, State] family lawyers practicing divorce, adoption, wills and estates [Practice Areas] in the Detroit metro and Washtenaw County region [Metro and County Areas].

For more information on writing a directory description, please see our Web Directories Section.

Once you have written your description, find the appropriate area in Yahoo! to submit your law firm's link. For a law firm Web site, start in the Directory > Business and Economy > Shopping and Services > Law category and find the appropriate subcategory.

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