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Ask Jeeves started out as a natural language search engine where users submitted their search queries in the form of a question. Unfortunately for Ask Jeeves, Google's algorithm returned significantly better results and Google and indexed more of the Web.

To compete with Google, Ask Jeeves purchased Teoma, a search technology developed by Rutgers computer scientists, and now uses Teoma as Ask Jeeves' search index. The Teoma results are quite good, as it focuses on the relationship among Web sites in subject-specific communities. Ask Jeeves combines the Teoma search results with news, pictures, weather and shopping tools (a co-branded pricegrabber.com price comparison center).

Teoma does allow for free Web page submissions, but does have a paid submission program.

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$30/first URL + $18/each additional URL

If you update you site often, then it is probably worth submitting your home page through this paid service. Teoma refreshes paid inclusion Web pages every 7 days.

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