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Teoma was initially developed by Rutgers computer scientists who launched their site in the spring of 2001, well after the Internet boom, and after Google was well established. Teoma sold to Ask Jeeves in the fall of 2001. Ask Jeeves has subsequently spent considerable resources developing the technology. Teoma has received good reviews from the Internet searching community. Ask Jeeves will soon be one of three companies with major search engine. The other two are Google and Yahoo!(once it finalizes the purchase of Overture, giving Yahoo! ownership of Inktomi, AltaVista and AllTheWeb). Exactly what this means for Teoma is unclear, but it is possible that Ask Jeeves might be a target for acquisition in the near future. In any case the Teoma search engine is solid, and improvements have been continuous over the last few years.

Teoma has no free submission, but Teoma does have a paid submission program.

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$30/first URL + $18/each additional URL

If you update you site often, then it is probably worth submitting your home page through this paid service. Teoma refreshes paid inclusion Web pages every 7 days.

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