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Alexa Traffic Rank: 23,629

Google Tool Bar PageRank :8

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Inktomi was purchased by Yahoo! in 2003 and is being primed to take over Yahoo!'s Web search from Google in the near future. Unlike other search engines, Inktomi only provides search results to other Web sites and does not have a public Web search site. Inktomi's provides search results to HotBot, About.com, MSN, LookSmart and Overture.

Once Yahoo! makes the switch froom Google to Inktomi, Inktomi will provide search services to MSN and Yahoo!, making it one of the most important search engines on the Web.

Yahoo! is currently in the process of purchasing Overture and will likely combine Inktomi with AltaVista and AllTheWeb, at least within technology development.

Inktomi has a Paid Submission Program through Lycos and other partners.

Paid Submission
Inktomi - Lycos Search Engine Submission Program
$39/first URL
next 2-5 URLs - $25/each additional URL
next 6-100 URLs - $23.75/each additional URL
over 101 URLs - $23.13/each additional URL

The paid inclusion program does have 48 hour index refreshes of the Web pages, so if you change your home page often, it might be worth paying for the service.

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Owned By Yahoo!

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Last Modified: 29 August, 2003
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