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Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,263

Google Tool Bar PageRank: 10

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MSN (until 15 Jan 2004), Lycos



LooksSmart is an online directory that also offers a Web search engine powered by Inktomi. Like Inktomi, LookSmart also sees itself as a search engine provider -- providing its listings directly to portals and other search engines.

LookSmart has a community run service called Zeal. Zeal adds listings into its database that are non-commercial in nature, and those listings are added into the LookSmart directory. Listings that come in by way of the Zeal service are free.

Paid for inclusion listings from LookSmart appear on many different sites, including MSN, InfoSpace and About.com. The MSN - LookSmart contract has not been renewed, and LookSmart listings will be removed from MSN's search results on January, 15 2004. This will substantially reduce the value of a LookSmart listing.

Recommendation - Do not purchase a LookSmart Directory Listing

We do not recommend purchasing a LookSmart listing at this time. This is because of the failure of the MSN - LookSmart contract to renew.

LookSmart/Zeal - Noncommercial or Content Listings - a site that has unique content that the editors wish to add to the Web directory may be able to get a free listing in an area outside of the commercial law firm listings area. The Zeal editors are volunteers who add the best Web sites to the LookSmart directory at no cost to the Web site owner.
Cost $0

Business/Commercial Listings
Cost: Start-up fee is $29 + $0.15 per click (or, if over 5,000 clicks received, Professional/Consumer Services listings are $.030 per click)
Minimum monthly spend is $15 (minimum $180 per year)

See our Web Directories Section for more information on submitting your Web site to LookSmart.

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